Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Jump Higher: This is How You Can Jump High With Two Simple Tips

How to Jump Higher

Hey, it appears everyone seems to be trying to jump higher nowadays. Maybe we should blame Nate Robinson. The way in which he dunked on Dwight Howard in the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest made everybody need to discover how to dunk.

And he proved that it does not necessary to be 7 feet tall to dunk basketball. But how are you able to increase your vertical? Well, the general public know about basic strength training. Bigger, stronger legs help you jump higher.

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To get stronger legs, you need to work particular areas of your legs to build the jumping muscles : quads, calves, and hamstring. Easy squats, lunges, and toe raises can build up your leg muscles. Plyometrics are jumping exercises designed to target your jumping muscles by simulating the real jumping motion that you’d find in a basketball game or other sport.

Box jumps, side box jumps, step jumps, jumping rope…all these exercises help you increase your vertical jump. By coaching to leap like you would in a basketball game, you can jump higher when you need to in a game. Stretching will help you to add 3-5 Inches but depends where from you are starting. But most of us understand how to stretch.

All will help you gain flexibility which immediately improves your vertical leap and help you jump higher. But I discovered some other secret tips to jumping higher that take only a few mins to do and can produce instant results. Swinging your arms in a forceful, upward motion when you jump will add inches to your vertical.

Confirm to time the throwing up of your arms with when you jump. The goal is to reach as high as you can and use the force of your arms to’lift’ you to jump higher. Look at Michael Johnson, the gold medal sprinter from 2000. You can use your arms to boost your vertical in basketball. visualization is a potent tool for improving your vertical leap.

Shut your eyes and see yourself ( visualize ) touching a spot on the backboard or wall. Think about our muscles getting stronger, your body getting lighter, and your body jumping higher. Tell yourself that you are lighter. Tell yourself that you’re going to jump higher. Say it out loud to strengthen it,’I am going to jump higher.’ Now open your eyes and try it.

You’ll find that just visualizing jumping higher will boost your vertical leap. See you at the rim! Interested in learning the way to jump higher? I found a’secret’ that increased my vertical 9 Inches in twenty-seven Days. They’re giving away a very good report now that may help you jump higher and get you your first dunk you usually dreamed about. Click this link jump higher to get access NOW!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Shoes You Need To Jump Higher 

If you want to INCREASE your vertical jumps for getting more and more goals you need Few things which Includes basketball shoes as well There are thousands of shoes available in market which will make you jump higher. I will write only few Names here and the source you can read them from.

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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

 Exercise to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Learning specific exercises to make you jump higher will additionally have additional benefits for your physical abilities. These training will improve your agility and pace. Explosive leg-power will show the way to higher jumps, quicker running and superior evasion.

Whether your game is basketball, volleyball or some other game which requires quick movements and jumping strength, learning to exercise your fast twitch muscle fibres will heighten your performance.You ought to be including staying power in your exercise routines but not at the same point in time as training for jumping.

Stamina is essential but is completely separate to working out for explosive jumping, hence it ought to be treated as such, and exercised separately.So let us forget about staying power for a second and chat on the subject of working out for explosive jumping, speed and agility. Jump training is all about strength and speed. Training for jumping higher ought to be quick bursts of maximum energy, so let’s glimpse at how to increase explosion.

Forget about training for extensive periods of time and with weights that permit you to complete 12 reps or more. Drills similar to these can not train your muscles to react quickly. You must be putting in maximum power whilst you train, 6 to 8 repetitions is actually what you’re aiming for. Quick bursts of maximum power are the key here.You must additionally bear in mind that suppleness is very important and be involved in some good stretching exercises, additionally don’t disregard warm-up before exercises.

Nutrition must not be ignored since your muscles cannot be exercised to become more effective if they don’t obtain the fuel they need.A very down-to-earth drill I picked up from Jacob Hiller (NBA & Olympic instructor) is named the deep knee bend. This drill is performed with no weights therefore it can be done anywhere.

Since you’re not using weights you can be doing additional repetitions than you would during your gym training but you ought to still be performing explosively.How to perform deep knee bends to increase jumping.Bend down as low down as you can, you should be looking to move beyond 90 degrees. Starting at the bent position you want to leap up as quickly and as high as possible.

Duplicate this exercise 15 times when you start and develop it up to around 30 reps.If you complete this drill next to a wall you can scratch the wall at the top of your jump. Take a crack at doing this for a week and I promise that just this basic addition to your routine will give detectable results.There are a number of special training programs on the internet to help you increase your vertical jump although they are not all what they appear, so if you’re thinking about buying a jumping course be careful to carry out your research before you pay out your money.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Drills to Jump Higher- 4 Drills to Jump Higher in 2 Weeks… or Less

If you have not read our previous two posts on vertical Jump coaching you can read here

There are a lot of drills to jump higher online. Some work-but most do not. But the ones that do all have one thing in common-they focus on your EXPLOSIVE muscles.

What are the “explosive” muscles?

They are the “fast twitch” muscles and if any drill doesn’t exercise them then it won’t improve your “hops”.

The reason many programs fail is because they don’t exercise the fast twitch muscles. Here are a few great workout drills that target your fast twitch muscles the best.

Drill To Make You Jump Higher

DRILL #1) Squats

This is one of the best exercises on the planet for increasing your explosiveness. The reason it works so well is that it targets almost your entire body.

But make sure you do it the right way. Many people have seriously injured themselves by doing it the wrong way.

To avoid this I would suggest you do a session with a personal trainer to show you how to do correctly. It might cost a little but it will save you a lot of pain down the road.

DRILL #2) Rim jumping

This is one of the better “plyometric” drills to jump higher out there. All you need is a basketball hoop or something that is hard for you to touch.

A rim is ideal but if you can’t touch the rim than pick something slightly lower-maybe a spot on the net. The important thing is that you pick a target that requires a lot of energy to reach.

Once you have your target, leap up and touch it with one hand. Don’t gather yourself when you come back down–just explode back up and do it again.

Doing a few sets of 8 repetitions for this is great for improving your jumping speed and explosiveness.

Why only 8 reps?

Because when your sets drag on too long you tire and you become less explosive. The only way to improve your vertical leap is by increasing your short term “explosive” muscles-and the only way to do this is to keep your sets short and intense.

Whether your goal is to know how to dunk a basketball… how to jump higher for volleyball… or simply become more explosive… do these drills to jump higher and you will see results shortly.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Five Techniques to Improve Your Vertical Jump

Ready for a quick list of things you can do to improve your vertical jump? Check em out:

1. Use proper fitting shoes and lace them up tightly
2. Perform specific exercises that help prepare your muscles (Jump roping, high knee and walking lunges)
3. Do abdominal, lat, and calf stretches prior to jumping
4. Jump squats with as much weight as you can handle will train those muscles!
5. Use proper breathing technique…hold your breath on the way up and exhale only after hitting the ground.

These are very general principles that are part of a larger workout program. Check out the vertical jump training systems on this site to learn more and get a specific plan of action!

Do vertical jump training programs really work? 

This article will explore the concept of using a program like this to improve your vertical leap and determine whether or not they really work.

The concept of improving vertical jump performance is not new, but the actual science of following a system and tracking performance results is. Most athletes pick up a few tips here and there, either from friends or the internet and wonder why they cannot improve their vertical jump. The answer is simple…you have to follow a proven system and train on a regular basis to get results!

If you use one of the three vertical jump programs that we highlight on our home page, you will see marked improvement on your vertical jump. Results may vary but you can be assured that the science behind vertical jump training is real, you just need to put in the work.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Are Vertical Jump Programs Effective ?

As an athlete and now the parent of two athletes and one dancer, I've learned a multitude of physical fitness techniques and eating habits for strong healthy bodies and the importance of good care for muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.  Because jumping or leaping is involved in so many sports, from basketball to track and field and yes, even baseball and football on occasion, I've found that Vertical Jump Program can be easily implemented into any practice or work out session and discovered numerous benefits.

Last football season, one of my boys' football coaches brought in an agility trainer to help the team with their quickness, speed and overall body strength.  One of the circuits included a vertical jump program.  I watched even the biggest boys on the team go from jumping a mere three to six inches to approximately eighteen inches in about three weeks time.  

As I observed the end of practice waiting to pick up my son,  I watched these drills wondering why a lineman needed to increase his vertical jump.  Then it dawned on me, that the focus wasn't increasing his vertical, it was simply a benefit he was gaining from the program.  Just as the rest of the drills, the real purpose of the vertical jump program was strengthening his whole core to increase agility and speed from line up to tackle. 

 The effect of the training was turning this big lineman's body into a taught spring or rubber band.  
When the cadence of the quarterback called "hike" this young man unleashed with quick precise movements allowing him to block with accurate and incredible force to protect the ball carrier.
Another benefit of vertical jump programs is the protection of the joints. 

 During our younger years as we grow, our ligaments and tendons stretch at an incredible rate at times.  Since many of our bones are not connected yet, this can leave our joints unprotected.  Vertical jumping increases muscle which will assist the ligaments and tendons in protecting the joints.  Because vertical jump programs usually focus on the core muscles as well as the main leg muscles, overall strength is achieved which also teaches the body to distribute the work load thereby lessening the impact on the joints.

Finally, the most obvious benefit of increasing your vertical leap, jumping higher.  For basketball players, for high jumpers, hurdlers, and even dancers, the higher you can jump, the more successful you will probably become.  Those who increase their vertical sometimes give the impression that they can fly which is an amazing feat to both achieve and observe.  It can help a five foot nine inch basketball player achieve an NBA dream or an average high jumper win a gold medal at the Olympics.